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CoinDeal - Short Review

Updated: Nov 14, 2019


This is a short Review of the CoinDeal Platform, which recently had a huge Airdorp of their own Coin, I participated and received a nice little amount of this 514 Coins for registering and Confirming my KYC (know your Customer) all great and good but when i look a the Fees of the platform then I know, I wont spend much time on it Trading.


Bank transfer:

Fee for withdrawal 9 EUR

withdrawals Crypto

BTC 0.0004-0.0008 (3,20-6,40 EUR)

ETH 0,02 (3,20 EUR)

which i find pretty steep but the Airdrop was pretty nice, so I was able to exchange my Airdrop to a BTC amount of about 14 EUR which where after the withdrawal fee only 7 EUR in BTC .. but well free is free. Thanks!


  • wide range of Accepted Crypto and markets

  • relative fast payout

  • fast KYC approval

  • fast trading with the support of API

  • great support

  • lots of security option (use them!)


  • high transaction fees

  • monthly subscription only benefits high traders

if you want to try it please use my referral link:


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