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Crypto AirDrop - Crypto Free fall- Attention!!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

That will be a short Post to raise awareness, butt it is impotent that out There are various People who do want to trick you to get your assets.

So to begin with, please be caution about what you give to who and not every offer is what it is pretending to be.

I came across a as they call it "Giveaway" to improve adoption... which required you to give for example 0,5 ETH and you get 1 ETH back.. to increase network activity... this should be already be a warning sing!! no Airdrop besides of an ICO will ever ask you to pay to get. Airdrops are there as a marketing element which offers initial small amount of coins for registration, that´s it! no free give away for sending money aka "Gold from the Nairobi Email"


resource https://krakenbonus dot live << do not visit without protection ...

this site used the Name of commonly known Crypto Exchange https://www.kraken.com/ to trick people to think Kraken gives away free ETH if you pay them before from 0,5 ETH nice deal right .. all set up with Telegram Bot and "Community Channel"...

https://t.me/KrakenAirdrop_bot?start=917143332 <<< VISIT with Care!!!!

so fist I inspected the site, fancy ETH logo on Black a little text, not to much read or reason on why:

but whatever you copy from this site refers to ETH address


and in the bottom there was a fancy fake ETHScann history of ETH Transactions which never happened.. funny enough not to the one in the copy..

Very Fancy and well thought through. but at this stage always check resources!!!!

  • Checked Kraken site and there was no reference on this Airdrop

  • posted in the community the word, got immediately banned from the Airdrop bot

  • I contacted Kraken Support and they immediately confirmed they have nothing to do with it and they will report and try to take it down.

You can do as much forensic Research on this as you want but after all if you send the Crypto to the 0x39... and if the transaction is confirmed then the ETH is gone to the Criminal!

  • Keep your Eyes Open and Confirm before Acting !!!

  • let me know if you see any other Scam for further Articles


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