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Crypto Crash? Sale Off or Buying Opportunity?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Yesterday we saw a huge #drop on the Crypto marked across the board of the major Crypto Currency's. But what caused this huge dip across the board?

The Mystery around Bitcoin crash

The Bitcoin crash last night was very radical. The price lost almost $ 2,000 in a short time to a low of $ 8,000. After this, the exchange rate recovered, but with around $ 8,500, - now the damage is still huge. What was even more striking is that there was a mysterious crash of the Bitcoin hash rate around the crash. This fell by 40% in a short time. This made the coin vulnerable to manipulation and speculations for further instability. The cause of this hash crash is not yet known, let alone whether there is a connection between the events. However, manipulation cannot be excluded

The coin stabilized, but what does it mean for #BTC and why holding?

First, you need to know if you are looking for a long term Investment or short Gain to make the right decision on if you should hold on your Coins or give them away. When looking at the BTC Year of Year Return then we can still see a very Positive Trend

What can be expected next?

If you have an interest in price rise, it is important that there are enough developments for traders to keep the Bitcoin (BTC) interesting. This #momentum disappears when a currency is not volatile or when there is no longer a rising trend in the rates. Although daily rates, with a bandwidth of around 3%, offer enough room to achieve short-term gains, however, long-term returns are also important.

From my Personal Opinions and Observations, I strongly believe the coin will raise back in the 5 figures area so the current Price is for me Purchase #Opportunity.

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