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CryptoCurrency: K-Merchant POS

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

A new and innovative #riskfree #POS for you business to accept payments in #CryptoCurrency #anytime #anywhere #BTC #ETH #KBC

The Interface:

The KaratBars Company is offering a unique new POS System to allow you to accept CryptoCurrency payments in your daily business with 0% fees!!

We currently support Bitcoin, etherium, and our KaraGold KBC

The #KMerchant has unique features and advantages for your business-like, no transaction costs, no chargebacks, and as simple as a click!

How does it Work?

You compile your Total amount in your currency of choice and select the Currency of choice and the system will generate the total amount of CryptoCurrency needed to settle this amount and it will generate a Payment link. the customer just needs to scan the #QRCode and confirm the payment.

K-Merchant will monitor the Receival of the CryptoCurrency and confirm if it has been received. And the best of it, as soon it received it, its nonreversal.

What are the benefits?


  • A real alternative on credit card payments

  • Anonymous payment for his purchase

  • Lowest payment fees on the market


  • Instant payment to your account

  • Zero volatility on crypto payments

  • Easy tracking and management of payments

  • Multiple POS for each of your locations

  • Accept High-Risk Payment for online stores with no processing fees (Creditcard companies charge 6-11%)

what are you waiting for? want to get started? join us for free!


We support both Android and IOS and we have a WebClient

We support #Webshop APIs for easy integration

Easy to use Management interface

want to get started? join for free!


How does the Merchant get his money?

The Merchant has 2 Options he can keep the Crypto in his wallet and sell it when he needs FIAT Currency or it immediately transferred into FIAT and transferred every week to your Bank account.

what are you waiting on ? want to get started ? join for free!


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