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Digital vs Cash Payments and Crypto

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Did anyone notice that you pay more and more digital vs back in the days where you paid with cash?

“Sweden is making headlines as the first country to officially go cashless, and plenty of articles are speculating that other will follow shortly..”

Did anyone notice more and more Rules trying to regulate how much cash you supposed to have? Governments even regulate how much cash is allowed to be carried without "declaration" between countries.

Yes, paying with Cards is the most convenient way of getting your groceries paid, but what does it mean for Me?

What happens when I pay with #cards?

Cards dominating the business by offering the Clients seamless #unlimited access to their Capital by allowing the Cardholder to pay for their daily business with a simple exchange of Credentials. These credentials could be Hardware like your #CreditCard or as simple as providing the numbers on the card in any way. the Clerk can use this "Credentials" to request Currency from Company who is handing this Credit card to their clients.

Why do Credit-Card Company's promote the pay with a card? it's simply profit-driven, they get the Money instantly form you, they receive up to 14% of transaction fee for every Payment and they collect an immense amount of Data on Who spends How much where which goes into on when and even for what. This Data is Harnessed for Data analytics and even sold to other Company`s to make profits on this statistical Data.


  • fast access to your Capital

  • can be used Online

  • Secure Access can be blocked in case of lost/stolen

  • comes most of the time with small perks like bonus points


  • tracked by booth Governmental and Financial Institutions

  • keeps a seamless endless history on Who, What, and Where

  • easy to lose track of how much you spend

  • high merchant transaction fees which are sometimes paid by the customer

What happens when I pay with #Cash?

Cash the simple and traditional way of paying is a little outdated these days, it does not hold real value, it's not secure which means as soon you lose it it's gone. But on the other side it comes with Privacy, #noone knows how much you have until you show them, and no one can track you on what you spend where except if you use those little reward cards... bummer even Cash is tracked some time...


  • easy track what you spend by your wallet

  • not tracked if you hide it

  • no history if do not use reward Cards


  • not secure on its own

  • natural inflation is regulated by the national banks

  • lots of regulations,

  • cannot be used Online

So is there an alternative?

these days we hear more and more news about #CryptoCurrency which seem to grow in every corner and lots news about the major Crypto Currency like #BTC or #ETH are rather concerning and nonsupporting than Supportive, but I think overall its the next step of #Currency and if you invest now right, then it can bring you a small fortune.

History fact: 1 BTC cost between $0.008–$0.08 in 2010 and it rushed up to a staggering high of 19,783.06 $ in Dec 2017 and is currently traded around 10.000$ per Coin. but do I need to have a whole Coin to be able to pay something? No Crypt Currency can be cut down into several chunks, the currently smallest chunk is one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin which equals to around 0.0001 USD so you would need 100 of them to get one Dollar cent.

And the best Feature of crypto Currency it's anonymous, the crypto wallets do not have a name to them and they can be only accessed if you have the access key but without you can only transfer crypto Currency in.


  • can be used Online

  • has no physical footprint

  • is not regulated by banks

  • most crypto wallets are free but I would recommend a Hardware Wallet


  • is only worth what someone is willing to pay for

  • big fluctuations on the current market especially for new Coins

  • irreversible if you lose access to your wallet

more to Crypto Currencies soon...

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