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KaratBit.com Features and Overview

Updated: Sep 12, 2020


#KaratBars int. offers a unique Crypto Exchange which features several Markets where you can booth Trade Crypto and #Save with a unique Gold Saving Account. We offer Secure login with 2-factor authentication to keep your Crypto Save.

How to get Started
  1. Registering a new account on KARATBIT.COM is simple:

  2. Go to KARATBIT.COM and click “Register” in the upper right part of the screen.

  3. Fill in the fields in the account registration form, including your email address, username, and password. You are required to create a username and password, so please make sure that the password is strong, and that you store your keys in a safe place (on your computer or a piece of paper)

  4. Read, understand, and agree to the Terms & Conditions. Check the boxes that say “By clicking the checkbox you agree to the terms and conditions” and “I’m not a robot ”Click “REGISTER ACCOUNT;”

  5. Check your email. You will receive a confirmation email from KARATBIT in your mailbox. Open it and click on the confirmation link inside to finish your account registration; Note that you will be receiving a confirmation email for each login action on your account.

You're all set! Log in to your account with the username and password.

note: at this point, I recommend also to activate 2FA (2-factor Authentication)

Main Feature Exchange

One of the Markes is the exchange market, which offers you several Markets where you can Exchange between several options. KBC to ETH\BTC\USD and vise versa. The Exchange does not yet Support FIAT withdraw or Deposit but we Support our Deposit of UNV via #KaratPay or direct Cryptocurrency transfers in and out.

The Exchange has an easy to understand interface and you can place Buy or Sell orders based on a given Price or at Market Price which will be executed when Buyer meets the Seller at a given Price.

The Second Exchange can be accessed via the Dashboard, where you can Exchange Specific Products to a given Rate by #KaratBarsInternational

Currently, Kartbars Exchanges the following products at a fixed Range

1 BUNV "Bonus Unival" equals 0.1g of Gold which can be exchanged to real gold with the #CEM which will be deployed all over the world at the end of August and those withdraw requests can be generated @ 1 gram a Day Rate.

#SuperNode *limited availbility and subject to change due to V999

  • 3.000.000 KBC coins = 1 KBC Supernode.

  • Earn 20% per year out of your Supernode seat in KBC coins

  • Maximum 750 KBC Supernodes

  • limited amount KBC Supernodes left (be fast)

One way of generating a passive income is to buy a Supernode, which generates Income from the KBC Networks activity, which means as more success the network has as more income it will generate.

Future Gold Savings Account aka digital #GoldVault * discontinued due to V999

the second way of generating a passive income is with the #GoldVault, which gives you a return based on how much #Gold you deposit in the Vault in annual returns.

Note: Goldvault is currently disabled but this feature is announced for the future

Interested? have a look on the official Site https://karatbit.com

(#GettingStarted #dream ) and my main focus is to inspire and develop people.

Are you looking for your financial freedom or want to join my Team?

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