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NanoPool - Hash mining in a nano group

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I was searching the web about Crypto mining and I came across https://nanopool.org/ So I gave it a try to see what it is all about. so I mined and watched the results and I would share what I got.

So NanoPool supports major Currency's and gives you an easy start it offers mining via Software which is good for the average beginner to utilize his Hardware while he can still use it, so it is good and easy to use but overall it has some high payout policy's so you would need let your gear run for a while before getting the first pool payout.

Ok looking in my Gear, I own a decent PC with a Nvidea 1070 TI and I let it run for more than a day but I did not make it to a payout in one day which made it a little disappointing. However, the higher payout rate supports continuity which is the enemy of the pool hoppers who follow the herd.

so here the result of the hashing:

The results were marginal with an ROI of about 30/40 Cents a day so I managed to achieve around 1.10 EUR in 4 days on and off in the pool which was not enough for the payout, I might continue filling that account until the first payout but overall looking at running costs the rig uses around 200 to 300 W during the computing its overall a negative investment with my Gear

ETH Mined 62h for 764 Shares which is 16.72 % of the min Payout of 8.10 EUR

which makes a daily income of 0.52 EUR

ZEC Mined 46h 13456 Shares which is 13.45 % of the min Payout of 0.33 EUR

which makes a daily income of 0.02 EUR

if you want to send some compute power send it to my address

ETH 0x21a27ac1dbd999a81848b774ad4f7f6f16e89d82

ZCash t1bLERLfhP1d1shhKB3j3iMpTYu5ADQGzzf

so Conclusion:


  • Software mining easy to use and you can still use the PC on the side


  • high payout limit to reach before compensation

  • low rewards which make it hard to keep up with the running costs

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