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NiceHash - nice to Hash quick review

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I was looking for alternatives to Pool Hashing and I Found NiceHash which offers kinda the full Experience, you can mine with your gear using the software or even booting your hardware with the Nice Hash OS with which you can mine with your Rig or even almost every PC, there are some HW limitations but overall it Runs well. So what is NiceHash mining? Every Miner is actually offering Mining Power and is working off the power requested on the Marketplace which is directly rewarded with BTCs Besides the mining the Platform offers a trading platform where you can Exchange your rewards to other Coins like LTC, XRP, ZEC, BCH DASH or ETH, and you can also create Hashing orders on the Marketplace. So its actually a great way to get started:


if you want to send some compute power send it to my address 39TSyGJ2twsL8N3zNBUn1wc6LzCBiKyVny


  • Software mining easy to use and you can still use the PC

  • additional offerings like niceHash OS and Hash Marketplace

  • minimum Payout of 0.00001 BTC paid every 4h

  • Paid for provided Hash power and not based found blocks


  • The reward is dictated by the Market place

  • if no one is requesting hashing power then you won't get many rewards

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