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Privacy Browser: Brave

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I was checking on Coinbase for news about cryptos and read in into the tutorial of BAT and what it was about.. and I found it quite interesting.

So #BAT or also basic attention token created a new Project to control advertisement because the Current Deal on the Internet is broken.


users get abused.. so you googled about shoes and for the next 2 days you get bombarded with banners of shoe advertisements.. this additional tracking and routing costs booth Time and bandwidth which could be used more efficiently.

Users' history is used and recorded and sold on the web with almost no possibility of privacy...


Publishers are hurt because big players like Facebook and Co generating more than 73% of the revenue making it almost impossible to compete as a small dog with the rest


Advertisers are losing, as their adds get lost in the sea of spam making adverts booth more expensive and

So what can we do besides installing additional ad-dons which furthermore slower our Browsing bandwidth or adding this never-ending question about cookies in incognito mode...

here is the Solution with the Brave Browser, its a browser like the rest, but it comes with a powerful, build in Add shield which lets you decide what to allow or not, it removes most of the tracked add history makes your browsing not only faster but also much more relevant without those disturbing tracking.

Give it a try, the Brave Browser is free, and gives you back the control.

Features a build-in Crypto wallet.

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