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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

the Power of the People vs the Power of the Unknown

Welcome to my Blog. I am new to the area but and not to Experienced in writing the most attractive columns but I have a Vision

“Do You know that from mid-​2018, the aggregate global wealth rose by $14.0 trillion (4.6%) to a combined total of $317 trillion, outpacing population growth. Wealth per adult grew by 3.2%, raising global mean wealth to a record high of $63,100 per adult”

from Credit Suisse Global wealth report 2018

Ok, Wow ? so where is my $63.100 ?

Reports vs Reality

while Wealth is generally growing in statistics, more and more the majority of people are facing struggles keeping what they call they own which is, if its continued like this the final nail in the Coffin of the current Economic System.

So what is next? do we have a Backup Economic System?

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