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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Global wealth vs Global Dept, why Economy based on unlimited Growth is due to collapse or not sustainable.

in a World of limited resources every thing has an End and with the Current growth its very suspicious that most of the "wealth" is growing while the average person does not.

Business as usual - devaluation to increase(create) growth

“Did you ever wonder why did I pay 1 EUR for one litter of Diesel in 2003 while nowadays I have to pay more than 1,40 EUR on lucky days ?

Did the Petrol become more worth?

Yes from a Capitalism approach the Value as definition of how much Currency you need for exchange it has grown

But form Economic Value no the Patrol does still only bring us further the same miles as before ( with the same Car) but Capital we need to invest to get this miles is constantly growing... thanks Capitalism..

Do we have alternatives?

You’ll be surprised (#GOLD #dream #beSustainable) taking an example which might sound a bit Extreme but it underlines and supports my theory and Vision

in 1920 an Average Car Cost 645$ and a 1 Kg of Gold costs about the same..

“Technology is rising and becomes more and more demanding.”

Over the time Cars became more sophisticated and the Production cost of one car is much more efficient this days where machines do a majority of the work and many other innovations had happened since .. so nowadays we have to pay about 40.000$ for an average new car...

Wow.. hold one, did we not become more efficient? but guess what 1kg of Gold Costs these days? a stunning 48.000$

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