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Total Privacy : Mobile Phone K1 IM Pulse

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Do you remember the News about Edward Snowden and the CIA PRISM Program and did you ever wonder who is watching you right now and if there is the possibility of Privacy? Look no further! Check this out

K1 IM Pulse

The KaratBars Company is offering a unique Technology whit End to End Encryption and other unique Features (#Privacy #Encyption )

Content of the Box:

The Box comes with Premium Accessories like Wireless charger Physical Encryption Key and Earphones

Technical Features:


Unique Security features include a Crypto wallet End to End Encryption and the total security of your Data.

Ok Great, what does this cost?

the Purchase Price of 1.250 € its actually a Golden Ticket to get started in the Crypto World with a Hardware Wallet which is secured with several key components

Do you want one? Are you ready to get started? follow this link to become a sponsored Affiliate or Customer to Purchase your Freedom with the following link https://freebay.ch/en/?s=makatata

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