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TotalPrivacy Laptop WIMP with IM-Pulse Technology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Do you remember the News about Edward Snowden and the CIA PRISM Program and did you ever wonder who is watching you right now and if there is the possibility of #TotalPrivacy? Look no further! Check this out

The KaratBars Company is offering a unique Technology with End to End Encryption and other unique Features (#Privacy #Encyption )

the WIMP Laptop can be ordered in 2 different packet sets

Standard Bundle 2600€

1 WHIM Laptop

+ VIP Status

WHIM K1 Bundle 5200€

This Bundle contains:

1 WHIM Laptop

1 Impulse K1-Phone

+ VIP Status

Technical Specifications:

Display: 14.1 inches – 1920x1080 IPS

CPU: i3 Gen. 8th 8130U



SDD: 512GB

Camera: 2 MP

Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, SIM Card Slot

Ports: HDMI, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB-C 3.0, Audio Jack

Security: Fingerprint scanner, Private hardware Key

Case: Full metal frame

Battery: 7.4 V/ 6000 mAH

Dual-OS: Windows 10 and Cryptodata OS – encrypted

Unique Security features include a Crypto wallet, End to End Encryption and the total security of your Data.

Software Features

  • Blockchain Encrypted E-Mail

  • Blockchain Encrypted workplace

  • B-IPFS Storage Cloud

  • K–Merchant, and KaratBit

  • Encrypted Web Navigation

  • Blockchain Social Media Platform

  • Vault Box

  • Wallet Manager

  • Crypto data App Market Place

Security Features

  • Unique Private Key Hardware FOB

  • Touchpad fingerprint reader

Ok great! but why is it so expensive?

New Technology comes with a Price and this is the first of our Series. The K-Net Network is new on the Market and still expanding, Our Engineering is working on getting this Technology on the next edge and booth Packets come also with an amount of Crypto Currency which can be used in our K-Exchange

Do you want one? Are you ready to get started? follow this link to become a sponsored Affiliate or Customer to Purchase your Freedom with the following link https://freebay.ch/en/?s=makatata

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